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  5 - 10 - 11 - 15 - 19 - 22 - 30      Liter Version      

   our dispensers are portable, allow self-service and are fun to use. In business terms it increases drinks turnover and reduces staff requirements in any venue where drink is served. 

Production & Marketing – Beverage backpacks, vendor’s trays and special bags.

Present your products with a good advertisement through promotion activities. Your product and company will be discovered and recognized fast. Using the Rocket Pack Beverage Backpack you can serve beverages at ski slopes, a disco or during an event without any problems. The beverage backpack particularly makes versatile selling and sampling of beverages of all types possible. At fairs, various events or even in the pedestrian area you’ll be promotionally effective and profitable en route. 

Rocket Packs vendor’s trays

are also available in various types of designs. A large number are made of robust truck tarpaulin, thermal isolated, with two side pockets and detachable hinged lids and flexible room dividers. They are best suited for sale or distribution of food and products that aren’t food. 

Rocket Packs owns a variety of diverse backpacks with bar systems. Types for various applications. It doesn’t matter if the beverages are hot or cold, with or without carbon dioxide. We have suitable equipment for every demand.