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With Backpack Drink Dispenser everyone is served by that approach the bar people .

In the last four years  has worked with catering companies in more than  events across the country .
 backpack drink dispenser
Marketing solutions The Backpack Drink Dispenser offer a fun marketing , original and flexible to maximize your brand experience without the need to pay compensation exaggerated advertising.

Companies hire us across the country to carry out promotional activities such as product launches , sampling and brand awareness exercises .


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Marketing in Events Our visibility and highly defined customer target makes our backpackers can be the perfect advertising space .

backpack drinkdispenser

Backpack Drink Dispenser

Our teams Backpack Drink Dispenser can wear your logo and take your uniform and even make backpacks for you or as needed to fit your product.
Number one in Security Security forces in several countries in Europe have endorsed our backpackers as the safest method of selling in large crowds.
 All our portable bar services fully comply with the latest safety standards of the European Union .