Backpack Drink dispenser for Street Marketing and Event



 The Mobile Backpack Drink Dispenser holds up to 420 ounces of your favorite food or soup. The convenient, insulated food dispensing hose serves any carbonated or  non-carbonated liquid from this straightforward to hold, moveable drink dispensing backpack

drinkdispenser beer  

The  food Backpack drink dispenser measures twenty two inches high x twelve inches wide and weighs around thirty four pounds once full. straightforward to hold, this insulated drink dispenser comes complete with cup dispenser, backpack cowl with a sleeve for a custom sign insert and a convenient food dispensing hose with nozzle.

Don’t forget to get a hand  Pump that isn't enclosed with the rear pack.Rocket Packs offers a whole choice of spare elements for all of their mobile food backpacks. Replacement elements for the food dispensing backpack embrace the hand pump, spare food tank for simple refills, replacement cup dispenser and dispensing hose. Don’t forget a provide of improvement resolution to stay the mobile backpack drink dispenser clean and healthy. you'll additionally order replacement sign covers or have a custom insert written for your size .

The backpack drink dispenser  brew Dispensing Backpack, is unambiguously designed for dispensing ice cold, draft beer. This transportable brew dispensing back pack options a convenient, insulated hose with nozzle for serving up to 384 ounces of any draught beer.

Insulaited Backpack Drink Dispenser

Could be a mobile draught beer dispenser measure twenty two inches high  twelve inches wide and weighs just about forty two pounds once full. the simple to hold, transportable brew back pack holds up to three gallons of draught beer and includes a convenient cup dispenser for 2-18 oz cups.

The backpack drinkdispenser   insulated {draft brew|draught beer dispenser additionally comes with a mini CO2 cylinder Associate in Nursingd an insulated beer dispensing hose with fast Connect Rocket Packs  an entire line of replacement and spare components for the backpack drinkdispenser  and brew backpack drink dispenser  .

Don’t forget to buy your Fill Kit to transfer draught beer from the keg to the liquid tank. Purchase a spare liquid tank and cup dispenser for fast amendment ups.  offers replacement sign covers; likewise as, custom sign inserts written along with your own style.



Our company backpack drink dispenser produces several type of instant tee and coffeemix. This dispenser can be great marketing tool for our products . Could you send us your quotation and MOQ. And can we order with our branding?

As spoken earlier we would like to rent 3 Bier dispenser (11,5L) for a 3 days event (21 - 23 July) in Görlitz, Saxony.  Kindly provide the information as you have mentioned on the phone.

Please send us a quote for Beverage Backpack 5-liters (1.5-USGallons)- Multifunctional Dispensing System with excellent insulation to 3 hours. We are interested in buyers and we are interested in the cost of complete Backpack with equipment.  What is needed for a complete backpack?
My English is not very good but I'm trying to translate.

Would you please let me know how the beverage is cooled down. What about the maintenance cost? Is there any warranty on it?

What  a  is the mininum quantity that we can buy? Do you plan any training? Can we arrange a Meeting backpack drink dispenser? 

I am e-mailing in relation to your 15l pack. Non - carbonated. What are your lead times/ I would need in office by second week in August (Ireland)?

I will definitely need 2 but possibly 4, do you do discounts for multiple purchases? Do you do branding i.e. artwork? If so what are your costs?

Hi. We are a church in Sweden that are interested in ordering 2 or 3 of the following products.

I wonder what the delivery time is after ordering? Also the cost for sending the products and how payment is made.

I'm  from Brazil. I'm wondering to buy a full-equipped 19liter Beer Backpack (including CO2 cilinder and everything necessary to immediately start to use).

Can I have a quotation for 01 piece?

We are interested in acquiring a beverage backpack (or two) for the purpose of distributing coffee in outdoor events in the vicinity of our churches. Having studied your internet pages we would hear your recommendation as to the model that might serve our needs together with the price of the item(s) and shipping cost to Finland.

from Colombia and I need to know the price of one of your products, I want to fill it with coffee and a kind of hot water that we use to drink here, so I need 4 of each other.

Would like to know some information regarding your Beverage Backpack 2 x 11-liters

- Gravity-Fed Dispensing System with excellent insulation to 4 hours -

a) What does the pack include?

b) Is it too heavy to transport?

c) Can it be used to serve fresh natural fruit juices (non-carbonated) on sunny environments?

d) Does the price include the advertising printing of the surface?

e) is there a disconut for multiple unit buy?

f) Shipping cost to Portugal of 3 units?

g) Guarantee and maintenance?

Thank you in advanced How can I get information? Is better for us if some of your salesman speaks Spanish.

I'm thinking about having a cold beverage and a hot beverage combo. Like cold soda and hot coffee. Would the different temperatures affect each other?

How long will the beverages hold their temperature (hot/cold)?

Do you have a distributor in the US that I can deal with?

How much would you charge to ship each unit to Mexico?

What discount can you give me if I buy 5 of them Backpack drink dispenser?