RocketTower – TwinTubeVersion

Item # RT2004/T

Dimension and data of RocketTower:

Complete Unit            Beverage Tube

Height: 84 cm              Height: 70 cm

Width: 32 cm               Diameter: 9.5 cm

Depth: 11 cm               Capacity: 3 litres

                 Weight: 2.7 Kg

                 Net Volume: 2x 3 litres

                 IceTube: Internal Cooling (2x)

Advertising Surface: H 16 cm x W 32 cm


The RocketTower in “standard version” will be delivered with following includes

-       Special backpack cover ergonomic design, colour silver

-       Two beverage tubes – each 3 litres – with release valve on the top and interior cooling

-       Two dispensing guns/hoses with cover (further accessories on request)


All materials used in the manufacture of the RocketTower are approved by sanitary technical regulations for materials destined to be in contact with food and drink.


The RocketTower may be used to serve all types of drinks (beer, wine, soft, drinks, juices, cocktails, etc …), carbonated or not, with the exception of undiluted spirits with high alcohol content. Before filling the tubes, cool

it by rinsing briefly with cold water.

It is important to fill the RocketTower beverage tubes while placed in the backpack cover. When filling with beer from a bar tap, tilt the tube and gently rest the inside surface against the end of the bar tap. This will allow the beer to slide down the tube without breaking in to foam. If you wish, you can add a touch of foam at the end for aesthetic purpose.

COOLING SYSTEM - Ice Tube (internal)
To cool and to maintain at a low temperature in the dispenser, fill the Ice Tube with regular ice cubes. Then use a jug or pitcher to pour water into the Ice Tube until about three quarters full. Now slide the Ice Tube into the dispenser and cover with the cap. Finally, top up the Ice Tube with water poured through the grid in the centre of the cap (this will prevent the ice cubes from floating out).


The RocketTower beverage tube has double level markings, so that it may be used with or without the optional cooling systems. The markings on the right show capacity (L, Pt, Oz) if the optional internal Ice Tube is used.

The markings on the left show capacity (L, Pt, Oz) without a cooling system.

USING THE RocketTower

Please put first the filled RocketTower correctly to before you start with dispensing product. A helping hand would be recommended hereto. Then you can start serve the drinks from the dispensing guns.

Cleaning the RocketTower

After use, rinse abundantly and make water flow trough the hose and dispensing gun. Clean the inside of the tube with warm water, conventional dishwashing liquid and our special designed brush.

Do not use abrasive products or solvents.

2 …

- 2 -

Maintenance of the RocketTower

The RocketTower can be fully disassembled for more thorough cleaning, thus guaranteeing total hygiene. In the even of breakage or wear all parts may be purchased individually as spares.