R o c k e t  P a c k s®

Drink-Pack-Fun (Item N° DPF100)

5 liters Beverage Backpack with PE Tank

Operation and Cleaning Instruction

Drink-Pack-Fun Beverage Backpack is a mobile dispensing system approved and complies technical

requirements for European legislation.

All plastic and metal materials used in the manufacture of Drink-Pack-Fun Portable Drink Dispenser are approved by sanitary technical regulations for materials (EU-Regulation 1935/2004 and 2002/72/EG) destined to be in contact with food and drink.


Filling the Beverage Tank

The Drink-Pack-Fun may be used to serve all types of drink (beer, wine, soft drinks, juices, cocktails, tea, coffee milk, drink yoghurt, etc …) carbonated or not, with the exception of undiluted spirits with high alcohol content. Drink-Pack-Fun is preferably useable for cold beverages!

Loading the Beverage Tank – Gravity Fed Operation

Remove the 5 liters (1.5 gallons) beverages tank fill with your carbonated/non-carbonated product. Please don’t remove the hose/gun while refill the tanks and when dispense liquid. Put the tank lid back in place and make sure the lid fitted evenly. The black wing-nut with plug-on cone serves as balance pressure control valve for Gravity-Fed operation.

Take the beverage tank and replaces them in the insulated backpack cover. Place the hose/gun in the right position and refill the cup dispenser (integrated in shoulder strap) with cups with size 200 ml.  

Please put first the backpack correctly to before you start with dispensing product.

Operation with application CO2-attachment or Mini Air Pump

After you have filled the 5 liters beverage tank put the tank lied back in place and make sure the lid fitted evenly. For CO2-operation tightly fix capsule holder onto thread with correctly inserted capsules, so that escape of CO2 is prevented. Mini Hand Pump or CO2-attachmend can be mounted alternatively onto one of wing nut. By turning CO2-regulating wedge in, required CO2-pressure in barrel can be reached (respectively required air pressure when using Mini Hand Pump). Use One 16g CO2-cartridge for dispense the 5 liters beverage tank.


Don’t turn inside the CO2-regulation wedge completely only approx. 50 %. This is because you will get to much pressure in the plastic tank which inflates it. Mini Hand Pump and CO2-attachment must not be washed with water. All other parts can be cleaned as described below.

Cleaning Drink-Pack-Fun

Before and after dispensing beverage the golden rule is:

“Make sure the 5 liters (1.5 gallons) beverage tank and dispensing hose/gun is clean”.

We can’t stress this point enough. When the beverage tank is clean, then your product will always retain its original taste.

1)    Remove the beverage tank from insulated backpack. Don’t remove hose/gun while cleaning.

2)    Rinse out the tank. Pour approx. 3 liters of warm tap water into the tank (do not use well water and never use a public bathroom).  Add a commercial dish-wash detergent. Replace lid and shake the beverage tank for 10 seconds.

3) Allow the solution to remain in the tank for three additional minutes. Do a quick rinse of the container and dispensing hose & gun.

4) Dispense the liquid inside the tank giving you a good sanitation process. Make sure you empty the whole tank trough the dispensing hose & gun.

5) Rinse beverage tank with warm tap water twice. Shake vigorously. If needed fill up for a third time and run clear water trough dispensing hose & gun.

6) Cleaning and sanitation is complete. Allow the beverage tank to dry before replacing lid, if possible. Replace lid and store for next use.