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Vending backpack drink dispenser



Do you have a solution for walking hot dog vending backpack drink dispenser? We are looking for something to keep the hot dogs for a long time warm.

We are interesting fof your backpack drink dispenser .

Please let me know, when we can have it, if order it on Monday 20th March? We have plastic bottle which is height cca. 25 cm. Is it ok for »Rucksack

I would like information on this drink dispenser backpack Since I have a next event and I want to buy about 6 Units.

We need to backpack dispensers for our service launch in London this February 27th for 3 days. I'll explain later what is it that we do if you find this interesting. Anyway I would like to have a quote for this. We want to pick it up / delivered to London. We would like to have our brand on it backpack drink dispenser.

I would like the price and shipping costs to LIMA-PERU. As well as the estimated time to arrive here.

Would like to order one sample beer dispensing backpack. It will be delivered in Germany but will ultimately be used in Bolivia in South America. Looking for ~15L. If you have it in red option, that would best.

I would like the one with the carbonated option. Please advise on how to pay. Thank you.

Czech Republic and we would like to order a Bevarage Backpack, item no. RP1000/15GV-N along with the Portable Air Pump, item no. RP1113/PP.

Is it possible to have these delivered by 18th March? If yes, what are the avaliable payment methods? It would be best for us to pay via credit card because we have 30 day payment period on invoices

I am enquiring regards the above backpack and would eventually like to purchase up to 4 units initially. What I would like to know further is if there is an outlet in UK so that I can see this item in operation before I can commit to buying. I am just looking at dispense non-carbonated beverages.

Please if you could supply me with full information and how to buy in UK so that I can see it in operation.

I found your email address at your website and hope you can help me with an inquiry for a Coffee backpack with customized logo + a backpack for shots.

Can you also supply hot cubs for the coffee incl. logo and small shots glass also with logo.

We could by 3 or 4 pieces. Can you confirm in how many days we could receive them from ok?

As the vat in Italy is different which would be the final price?

Can you tell me how we can pay?

we are organizing a promotional activity for Nescafé and we want to distribute instant coffee.

We would like to use your packs for hot drinks. 

Do you have the characteristics in English? Can you explain how they work.

From what I understand from your site the article for us could be 1 x 11 liter.

We would need 2 or 3.

In purchasing a batch of approximately 8 beverage backpacks, the gravity fed 15 liter packs.

I am curious what the production time is on such an order, and time required to ship to San Diego, CA.

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