Contact Backpack drink Dispenser

We are only 10 minutes to Frankfurt Airport !



We bought from you the backpack drink dispenser for cans and would like to put a flag with it for promoting our brand, do you have available the accessory? How much it would cost us? For us it will be nice if it was a bigger flag.

I send a photo for you to understand the accessory that I’m talking about.

We are looking for Backpacks serving coffee, in which we can have coffee machine, Disposable glasses, keep sugar sachets.... etc.

Kindly provide us with some sample options with dimensions and the capacity of Coffee / Tea we can keep in it. 

Request you to share images and prices for the same. Note: Attached to images for your reference. 

We are a company backpack drink dispenser in Malaysia selling Isotonic Drink called – 100PLUS. Sourcing for mobile backpack drink dispenser to sell our carbonated isotonic drink in stadium- during sports matches.

Can you recommend us the model that is relevant and share with us the quotation for 10 units, would be great if you can advice the lead time from PO order to receiving the product in Malaysia.

My name is Oscar and working with promotions and marketing solutions in Sweden. Would like to get to know you better and also learn more about your products. Would you be able to have a small business meeting through Skype, where we could discuss further business? Would also appreciate a product catalogue and also your professional opinion when handling coffee/or carbonated beverages in biq quantities, which product should I use?

We are an enterprise based in Lisbon, Portugal, dedicated to the production of juices and natural food.

Now we are planning to do ambulant selling with backpacks. Are you able to provide us with that items? If so, which would be the best option for us?

I hope you are well. I need to quote 20 backpacks for drinks, the product that will be dispensed is vodka and wine. I need to know what capacity for product has the backpack? How long does the product last cooled and how is the mechanism? What time of import do you have for Dominican Republic Santo Domingo specifically? I await your response .

Club Manager for a military installation. We support yearly events such as air shows and festivals. We are interested in purchasing some of your Rocket Backpacks, tanks, and a couple starter kits with the gauges and CO2 tanks. Could you ship the items to the United States and if so can you provide us with a quote for everything?

I am e-mailing from Beer Factory, a craft brewery in  where we produce i lager. 

I am interested in purchasing (or hiring) 2 or 3 of your backpacks for dispensing beer for a few weeks in August. This would be for the busy festival period in Edinburgh to allow visitors to the city to sample our beer. We would also wish for full branding on the backpacks.

I would appreciate if you could please send me over a price list to my e-mail address.

I understand that you offer varying sizes, some of which do not require the need for CO2. As our beer is a carbonated lager, I would have thought that CO2 would be necessary for dispense?

If you could explain some of these options I would be most grateful. The product in particular that I am interested in is the following:

Beverage Backpack 11 Litres: Item No.: RP1000/11GV-N