Mobile Drink Dispenser Backpack

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With the Drink Dispenser everyone is served by that approach the bar people .
In the last four years  has worked with catering companies in more than  events across the country .

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Ergonomically Designed:
90% of the backpack weight is distributed to the froth hip belt. Load stabilizer straps shift the load of the backpack to the lower back. The backpack options round shape cut hip and body part pads for other comfort

Temperature Retention:
State-of-the-art insulation of the ProducTank and Backpack shell offer superior performance. With an inspired filling temperature of 37° F  there's a 2 degree  loss per hour at 95° F  close temperature.


Marketing in Events Our visibility and highly defined customer target makes our backpackers can be the perfect advertising space . Accessories:
Charging/Filling Assemblies (Soda, Beer, carbonated Non-Carbonated). bespoken 4-Color Graphic Laminated Sign.

backpack drink dispenser rocketpacks

Our teams Backpack Drink Dispenser can wear your logo and take your uniform and even make backpacks for you or as needed to fit your product.

Number one in  several countries in Europe have endorsed our backpackers as the safest method of selling in large crowds.
 All our portable bar services fully comply with the latest safety standards of the European Union.

The mobile drink dispenser may be a revolutionary, patented, portable, drink selling system that may be well worn, permitting the user to dish to three gallons of drink, per load, virtually anyplace . The backpack is good for cold effervescent beverages like brew and soft drinks. Can be accustomed dispense hot or cold non-carbonated drinks, though the Rocketpacks is additional typically the simplest resolution for non-carbonated drinks. additionally, the offers the power to market your product through a custom created, high visibility graphics advertising panel that matches to the facet of the backpack. The panel permits for advertising graphics of roughly 26 wide by 20" high. The Rocketpacks mobile drink dispenser is that the solely system of its kind to be formally tested approved by the key drink firms,
The standard Rocketpacks unit consists of a backpack shell/harness, a 5-gallon insulated drink Product Tank, a dispensing regulator assembly, internal regulator assembly, pressure cylinder and money/cup belt. The system needs a charging-filling assembly for the precise drink being employed within the Rocketpacks offers a full line of support instrumentality and can be glad to debate your specific peddling needs whether or not you're considering the acquisition of 1 or several mobile drink dispenser units.