Portable Backpack Drink Dispenser

The portable dispenser may be a low price various to the rocketpacks for the dispensing of hot or cold non-carbonated beverages. Further, the ex gratia Full Flow Dispensing Gun Assembly is ideally fitted to high viscousness beverages like fruit crush and soup.

portable backpack  

Rocketpacks backpack offers a full line of support instrumentation and can be glad to debate your specific selling necessities whether or not you're considering the acquisition of 1 or several backpack units

The panel permits for advertising graphics of roughly 28" wide by 18" high.The standard portable backpack drink dispenser unit consists of a backpack shell/harness, a 3-gallon insulated food Produc tank, a dispensing regulator assembly and money/cup belt


The Rocketpacks backpack offers the power to push your product through a custom created, high-visibility graphics advertising panel that matches on to the aspect of the backpack. . 


backpack drink dispenser rocketpacks

The backpack may be a proprietary, portable, food promoting system that may be well worn, permitting the user to dish out to three gallons of food, per load, virtually anyplace thirsty folks gather.